A syndicate for entrepreneurs from around the world with dozens of online tools powered by community, AI and ScripTop Inc. To be available in 2024. Who can access? Active customers of ScripTop Inc. BSS Forum users with a top exp. amount. Entrepreneurs with a website on Turbine Studio. Other valuable partners. Entrepreneurs with an active business. The business must have a website with at least 1,000 unique visitors per month. The business must be at least 3 years old. The business must have an income of at least 10,000.00 USD per month. Requires approval by the community. Notable people with truly impressive achievements. Requires approval by the community. Purchase the 7,900.00 USD access. This is primarily a platform, not a club. You could find chats and clubs in other places, but not our tools.

Our community-powered tools are based on shared resources and trust so that in your business and day-to-day life, you can skip the money part, the middlemen, and all the uncool that comes with these two.
70 Platform This is the main value until tier 5. 20 Network You can freely communicate with the members. 10 Club Starts only with the top tier 5.
The inner economy is based on reputation. You provide value — your reputation increases. You use value — your reputation decreases.

The only way new reputation can enter the economy is when someone advances their tier. Each new tier comes with a set amount of new reputation.

The only way a reputation can exit the economy is when someone advances their tier with a reputation, which is only one of many options. The reputation cost for this depends on the total reputation in the economy.
Speed Trust Tax-Free Variety Pure Value Global Reach Simplicity Online Direct P2P
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